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BBOL Season 3 Humongous League Team Recaps


BBOL, 9/6/2023



Players: Randy Johnson, Sophie Meyer, Kay O'Toole, Pamela Kirkos, Randi Uno, Donald Vogel, Ruth Proutt, PJ Shareef, Felix Grant

Someone had to be the worst team this season, and unfortunately this was it. The team started off with an 0-1 loss to Loba's Marlins, one of the top teams in the whole league. While this might seem promising for the rookie coach, it only got worse from there, as they lost 1-7 to Freakshow's Expos and 2-10 to Pepsi's Dbacks. After three scoreless games in a row from games 4 through 6, the coach disappeared for the rest of the season without saying anything. The league admins decided the best action was to simply retire the team, as it wouldn't be fair to anyone trying to make playoffs to suddenly be upset by some new guy.

Team Batting: .252 AVG, .264 OBP, .336 SLG, .601 OPS, 10.58 RC

Best Average: Felix Grant

Best Slugging: Sophie Meyer

Team Pitching: 2.03 WHIP, 5.20 ERA (30 IP, 139 BF, 56 HA, 26 RA, 16 K, 5 BB)



Players: Marsellus Marx, Maynard McElroy, Molly May, Mike Piazza, Alex Gonzalez, Jocinda Smith, Tony Gwynn, Lorelei Ikaye, Chris Milton

When we were signing up rookies for the Humongous League, Killerbat (a fellow league admin) told me that Spenc wanted to be in there. Killerbat also told me that his 6 year old daughter was beating Spenc before the season started. I think that about sums up this team's season. The Padres was the worst defense in the league, and one of the worst offenses. The only win they got was against Stoopz, which was a forfeit victory as Stoopz was already long gone. No golden goose players either. Unfortunately Spenc85 was just not good enough to play in this league. Maybe if he decides to play next season he could make a name for himself in the Junior League. Plenty of teams from last season who didn’t do so hot actually did pretty good in JL this year.

Team Batting: .218 AVG, .234 OBP, .347 SLG, .581 OPS, 15.64 RC

Best Batter: Marsellus Marx

Team Pitching: 2.92 WHIP, 11.29 ERA (51 IP, 286 BF, 148 HA, 96 RA, 29 K, 1 BB)



Players: Sammy Sosa, Courtney Valentino, Vladimir Guerrero, Marty Cordova, Jeromy Burnitz, Derek McCattery, Nan Porter, Reese Worthington, Heather Quinn

The Cubs finished their season with the worst record in the Backyard Division. The sole win they obtained was against Vissery's Reds, a 3-0 game won thanks to Sammy Sosa hitting a bomb over the log in left field of Sandy Flats in the first inning. Speaking of, the bright spot for this team was indeed Sammy. Of course, this isn’t a huge surprise. Everyone knows how absurdly good he is, and boy did he show up as much as he could. He was one of the best batters in the entire league, being 3rd in average and OBP, and 5th in slugging and OPS. If there's anything SilverBullet can be happy with after this season, it's that he had one of the best players in the league. Nothing can take that away from him.

Team Batting: .315 AVG, .324 OBP, .430 SLG, .753 OPS, 32.68 RC

Best Batter: Sammy Sosa

Team Pitching: 2.78 WHIP, 8.17 ERA (58 IP, 316 BF, 158 HA, 79 RA, 28 K, 3 BB)




Players: Amanda Hellerman, Pablo Sanchez [prev: Barry Bonds, 1st trade period], Mark McGwire, Shawn Green [prev: Ezra Travolta, 1st trade period], Tony Delvecchio, Rafael Hendrix, Jason Giambi, Mickey O'Connor, Tatiana Jackson

The Twins had a weird season. The 3-8 record actually understates the amount of close games this team really had. Three different 0-1 losses, and a 1-2 loss as well. The only teams they managed to beat were the Brewers, the Padres and the Diamondbacks, the last of which was forfeited due to internet issues. This team struck out a lot as well, 54 times to be exact, which is the 3rd most. The trades from Bonds/Ezra for Pablo/Shawn proved to be pretty effective, as the offense was a lot better. Rafael Hendrix notably underperformed quite a lot, so having more power is always good. Tatiana also proves to be one of the worst players in the whole game, and will hopefully never be taken again after this year. 

It's pretty clear that this roster (for the most part) was an issue of inexperience. Hopefully next season epstein will return to show some improvement (and hopefully they bring a better name with them).

Team Batting: .300 AVG, .315 OBP, .489 SLG, .804 OPS, 35.92 RC

Best Average: Tony Delvecchio

Best Slugging: Mark McGwire 

Team Pitching: 1.54 WHIP, 3.47 ERA (57 IP, 246 BF, 85 HA, 33 RA, 49 K, 3 BB)





Players: Ken Griffey Jr., Francis Blewer, Barbara Jones, Earl Abbot, Jillian Paine, Ramona Bennett, Annie Frazier, Andres Ibsen, Ryan VanderHoek

dlw2711 is one of our oldest standing coaches. He’s also a pretty darn good commentator. Starting all the way back in season 0 as a substitute, he has, admittedly, struggled to get wins. Going 4-7 in seasons 1 and 2, this season he's only taken games off of the teams he's above in the standings, which is not a lot of teams. The only loss he had that was actually close was to KingPepsi's Diamondbacks, in a 4 to 5 loss. Everything else was a run differential of at least 4. The most notable stat the team had was them leading the league in strikeouts, with a massive 67. The team has 4 players in the top 10 in the player version of this category, with Jillian Paine at the top, with 15. It's possible he could see himself in the Junior League next season, but we still appreciate the effort put in every season. He’s willing to give it his all time and time again, and that deserves the highest amount of respect.


Team Batting: .328 AVG, .336 OBP, .498 SLG, .834 OPS, 45.33 RC

Best Batter: Ken Griffey Jr.

Team Pitching: 2.14 WHIP, 5.72 ERA (65 IP, 318 BF, 138 HA, 62 RA, 45 K, 1 BB)




Players: Julie Dunkel, Barry Larkin, Mo Vaughn [prev: Anna Goudreau, 2nd trade period], Timmy Unger, Grace Tipton [prev: Whitney Singh, 2nd trade period], Terry Vega [prev: Wing Kwan, 2nd trade period], Betty Houstan, Chucky Flinder, Tiffany Bosworth

 The A's season started out pretty good, with a 3-3 first half, beating the Phillies, Cubs and Hornets. The first and last of those three teams made the playoffs. This team was actually the 4th highest team in the Backyard Division at that time, believe it or not. They didn't manage to win a game after that, but they did sport a few close losses, even to the Fishes, which ended up being the 2nd best team in Backyard Division (which was 1-2). The lack of power of this roster is most likely the biggest culprit for why they didn't get many more wins. The trades did do pretty well for him, all of the players batted .444 in those 3 games they played, but it was definitely too little too late. I think jakerthesnak could have a much better second season if he decides to return. Whether that will be in the Humongous League or not remains to be seen.


Team Batting: .311 AVG, .325 OBP, .454 SLG, .779 OPS, 41.30 RC

Best Batter: Zoe Mallory

Team Pitching: 1.95 WHIP, 4.72 ERA (61 IP, 286 BF, 112 HA, 48 RA, 50 K, 7 BB)



Players: Jay Green, Debby Nagasawa, Alexis Weis, Libby Futterman, Star Moonbeam [prev: Uma Morris, 1st trade period], Vic Soufle, Trent Sizemore, Stacy Gordon, Rose Fluegel

 Triggatriz has been playing since season 1, and he decided to go for a more offensive approach this season, as opposed to his normal defensive team, most likely because it didn’t work out well for him in season 2. It didn't really seem to pan out the way he wanted, but a lot of his losses were extremely close. Starting the year off with a 1-0 win against OrlandoStars' Phillies and beating jakerthesnak's Athletics in game 3 with a 4-2 score set confidence pretty well. Then come seven losses in a row from games 4 to 10, only getting a form of redemption against the Cubs in the final game of the season. These losses include: 0-1 against the Reds, 3-4 against the Melonheads, 3-4 against the Bombers, and 3-4 against the Hornets! Talk about a rough season. Triggatriz tried really hard to get some mileage out of this roster, but he came up short just a bit too much. In a longer season it’s possible he could have done better. One can only lose by 1 run so many times, right?

 Team Batting: .356 AVG, .375 OBP, .465 SLG, .840 OPS, 52.88 RC

Best batter: Jay Green

Team Pitching: 1.81 WHIP, 3.30 ERA (69 IP, 310 BF, 112 HA, 38 RA, 47 K, 13 BB)



Players: Dawn Cozart, Fred Benson, Veronica Lee, Maya Woodruff, Kristen Sullivan, Karen Donato, Artie Pimbleton, Stephanie Morgan, Gretchen Hasselhoff

 Once a top coach last season now lost to the literal sands of time, Vissery finds themselves sitting at the bottom of the standings. The team's batting average, all things considered, is quite high, being one of the highest in the league. Pretty much everything about the team worked except the slugging, and that's kinda where the issue stands. If you ain't mashing, you ain't winning, and this team wasn't too keen on mashing. If there’s ever a recommendation, if you pick Sandy Flats, make sure you have right-handed power hitters. Then again, if there’s a better recommendation, you don’t pick Sandy Flats.

Team Batting: .411 AVG, .432 OBP, .582 SLG, 1.015 OPS, 71.78 RC

Best Average: Dawn Cozart

Best Slugging: Fred Benson

Team Pitching: 1.47 WHIP, 2.73 ERA (66 IP, 272 BF, 91 HA, 30 RA, 32 K, 6 BB)



Players: Tonya Lesco, Maria Luna, Yvonne Carter [prev: Sally Dobbs, 2nd trade period], Lance Lambert, Jim Kiley, Ray Tran, Scotty Roth, Dante Robinson [prev: Dominique Lowe, 2nd trade period], Jody Palmer

Bobby is one of the few players from the rBBL community (a server made from the Backyard Baseball subreddit that’s existed for over half a decade) to give BBOL a shot for the first time this season. He did a pretty good job, all things considered, netting 5 wins for himself. Only one of these was a notable upset on Heinz, who had a pretty weak start to his season. Even though they're 5-6, the Bombers’ offensive stats were below average, but that doesn't take away the work that went into get each and every one of them. A solid rookie year in a format that takes a bit of time to adapt to. Rumor has it that he won’t be returning, and we’ll miss him for it. 

Team Batting: .321 AVG, .343 OBP, .513 SLG, .855 OPS, 42.16 RC

Best Average: Maria Luna

Best Average: Tonya Lesco

Team Pitching: 1.93 WHIP, 3.62 ERA (58 IP, 263 BF, 111 HA, 35 RA, 30 K, 1 BB)




Players: Chico Pappas, Sidney Webber [prev: Davy Marian, 2nd trade period], Mikey Thomas [prev: Alex Rodriguez, 1st trade period], Ashley Webber [prev: Lena Ng, 2nd trade period], Whitney Singh [prev: Grace Tipton, 2nd trade period], Omar Stephano, Tina Herrara, Murray Goldman, Olga Tollefson

 Scatty had a pretty strange season with a lot of defensive shortcomings on the player side of things. Pretty much everything that could go wrong went wrong, with a majority of losses having at least 3 runs scored on their side. In the last game of the season, Davy Marian, the player he traded, hit the ball deep to right field, bonked off Olga's head and went over the hedges at Eckman Acres for a home run. That pretty much sums up this team's season. Lots of potential and very solid offense, with Chico Pappas being one of the top offensive players in the league as usual, but they faltered when it really counted. It's still a great season for a rookie coach to have, and we hope to see Scatty return next season. He’s likely learned a lot from this, and he’ll probably be going in on a more defensive roster.

Team Batting: .380 AVG, .387 OBP, .550 SLG, .937 OPS, 54.95 RC

Best Batter: Chico Pappas

Team Pitching: 2.22 WHIP, 5.50 ERA (60 IP, 284 BF, 121 HA, 55 RA, 33 K, 12 BB)



Players: Zena Fromme, Cal Ripken Jr., Alicia Blakely, Mandy Coolidge, Wendy Parsons, Joella Minotti, Holly Franklin, Vicki Kawaguchi, Angelique Harding

 personizzle is one of three coaches to have played every season including 0. It's been a hard road, finishing two seasons in a row at 6-5. While he did draft a pretty strong roster with a lot of power and players who won’t get tired (Cal Ripken Jr. makes this even better), this season didn't end at 6-5, but rather 5-6. The Angels showed up really well against weak competition, but couldn't get a lot of wins on teams above them, outside of the Diamondbacks. In a perfect world, this could have been one of the strongest teams, but it just couldn't stack up in execution. At least they hit a lot of homers, with 16, which is the 4th most in the league. If there’s any major consolation, at least he didn’t get eliminated via a tiebreaker this time.

 Team Batting: .383 AVG, .399 OBP, .624 SLG, 1.023 OPS, 66.28 RC

Best Batter: Zena Fromme

Team Pitching: 1.49 WHIP, 2.95 ERA (61 IP, 258 BF, 82 HA, 49 RA, 49 K, 9 BB)



Players: Henri Deschenes, Claudia Villarta, Zoe Mallory, Sheila Basanti, Horace Young, Jordan Thorner, Curt Schilling, Stevie Lindt, Dominic Hoskins

 The best rookie team not to make the playoffs this season, and also the final team on the list of eliminated teams, the Diamondbacks had an interesting season. The roster Pepsi drafted was really fast (Sheila Basanti is a very bizarre pick in the 4th round, though). Getting wins on the top seed Cardinals and the fourth seed Marlins made them a top tier threat really quickly, and making it in was an inevitability. In fact, they were guaranteed a spot by the end! Unfortunately, due to internet issues (and scheduling problems), the coach had to quit early, meaning the team had to forfeit the last two games. This denied them a playoff spot due to league rules, even if Pepsi were to fix these issues when he came back. It's hard to say how well this team could have done in the playoffs, really, since they were guaranteed a spot before this incident. One thing is for sure, though: it was a pretty solid and dangerous team while it lasted.


Team Batting: .328 AVG, .339 OBP, .633 SLG, .972 OPS, 37.96 RC

Best Batter: Henri Deschenes

Team Pitching: 1.82 WHIP, 2.41 ERA (47.33 IP, 201 BF, 84 HA, 19 RA, 20 K, 2 BB)




Players: Achmed Khan, Kenny Lofton, Juan Gonzalez [prev: Mo Vaughn, 2nd trade period], Ernie Steele, Wing Kwan [prev: Luanne Lui, 2nd trade period], Amir Khan, Ronny Dobbs, Kenny Kawaguchi, Johnny Omar

 Despite their 5-6 record, the Melonheads are actually one of the best offenses this season, sporting the most hits (tied), 2nd most home runs, second most RBIs, second most runs, and the least strikeouts. Overall they're a strong power hitter team who blew out 4 different teams this year. The issue, of course, comes when those power hitters don't show up. Every game they lost except for one was a 1 run game, which isn't a great look. Their defense was honestly pretty solid all year, although now that they have Juan and Wing their defense is almost definitely upgraded. Despite being the only team to make the playoffs with a negative record, they're a dark horse candidate for a deep run for sure. 

Team Batting: .423 AVG, .439 OBP, .586 SLG, 1.025 OPS, 82.10 RC

Best Batter: Achmed Khan

Team Pitching: 1.56 WHIP, 2.67 ERA (72 IP, 299 BF, 99 HA, 32 RA, 44 K, 13 BB)



Players: Barry Bonds [prev: Pablo Sanchez, 1st trade period], Sarah Maxwell, Chipper Jones, Ezra Travolta [prev: Shawn Green, 1st trade period], Nicky Winston, Shane Smith, Chad Koppel, Bret Olson, Judy Abwunza

This team was originally arcothunder's, but due to computer issues he had to sit out the entire season.

 OrlandoStars is a new coach this year, although he actually comes from the olden days of BB2001 online, back in the 2000s (according to Killerbat he's the best coach in that era). While he hasn't exactly had as glamorous of a return as Killerbat, he has managed to still make it to the playoffs. The team's performances have been really strange, being either low scoring affairs or games where both teams score over 5 runs (of which there are three of these). They also have the 3rd most doubles in the league, with 29 (Sarah Maxwell led the league overall with 10). I’m sure Orlando isn’t too happy to only make it in at 6-5, but he showed tons of improvement over the season. It’s likely if he comes back he’ll be even better than before.

Team Batting: .351 AVG, .360 OBP, .553 SLG, .913 OPS, 56.18 RC

Best Batter: Sarah Maxwell

Team Pitching: 1.92 WHIP, 3.39 ERA (67.34 IP, 300 BF, 119 HA, 38 RA, 58 K, 10 BB)



Players: Jose Canseco, Fay Dawson, Brenda Markart, Jason Kendall, Jorge Garcia, Billy Jean Blackwood, Marky Dubois, Olive Hussein, Jose Meisenheimer [prev: Rosanna Phelps, 1st trading period]

The Hornets proved themselves to be a team that's very defensively oriented. While they may have the least runs scored of all the teams in the playoffs (even including Frontyard teams), with 30, they actually have one of the best defenses in playoffs, sporting among the lowest WHIPs and the lowest ERAs in the league (5th place overall in both). The team actually had a pretty rough start, as after beating the Cubs in their first game, they lost to four teams in a row (two of which the top 2 seeds in Backyard). After game 5 it was a wrap, as they won all of their remaining games to lock in the 4th seed. 

Whether it be the removal of Rosanna, the addition of a second Jose, or the swap from Big City Stadium to Tin Can Alley, Heinz certainly got his confidence back.

Team Batting: .395 AVG, .406 OBP, .533 SLG, .939 OPS, 72.25 RC

Best Batter: Jose Canseco

Team Pitching: 1.33 WHIP, 1.92 ERA (75 IP, 307 BF, 95 HA, 24 RA, 39 K, 5 BB)


Players: Pete Wheeler, Derek Jeter, Parker Collum, Hillary Vargas, Ivan Rodriguez, Dmitri Petrovich, Liz Kinghorn, Nate Kowalski, Ivan King

A team that doesn't look that impressive, the Royals shocked the league when they ended up with a top record, only losing to the other three best teams in their division. Being a fast team at Cement Gardens is almost always a viable strategy, and this team blazed around the base path with the second best team average and tied for the third highest runs scored (52). Defensively they haven't been all that, but if they can get an offense going it's really tough to stop them. Natetastic’s definitely a top coach around, and he’s hoping to make some waves in the playoffs.


Team Batting: .444 AVG, .463 OBP, .663 SLG, 1.126 OPS, 88.45 RC

Best Average: Liz Kinghorn

Best Slugging: Parker Collum

Team Pitching: 1.66 WHIP, 3.42 ERA (65 IP, 277 BF, 101 HA, 37 RA, 31 K, 7 BB)



Players: Leah Wayne, Davy Marian [prev: Sidney Webber, 2nd trade period], Anna Goudreau [prev: Juan Gonzalez, 2nd trade period], Lena Ng [prev: Ashley Webber, 2nd trade period], Luanne Lui [prev: Terry Vega, 2nd trade period], Gwen Sears, Kimmy Eckman, Melissa Waters, Serena Damonte

The Fishes always seem to end up being good, and rookie coach hciii's team is no exception. Leah Wayne in the first half of the season absolutely dominated, both at the plate and on the mound, giving them one of the best offenses and defenses this season. She did cool off a bit in the second half (and subsequently so did the rest of the team), but the Fishes kept enough wins on their side to clinch the coveted first round bye. He also did a lot of trading in the second trading period. Whether or not this will come back to haunt him remains to be seen, but he's got time to figure things out.

Team Batting: .374 AVG, .411 OBP, .555 SLG, .966 OPS, 60.47 RC

Best Batter: Leah Wayne

Team Pitching: 1.26 WHIP, 1.91 ERA (66 IP, 262 BF, 65 HA, 21 RA, 33 K, 18 BB)




Players: Zenon Estrada, Kiesha Phillips, Rachel La Buena, Uma Morris [prev: Star Moonbeam, 1st trade period], Isabelle Marelli, Nancy Chin, Bobby Bulgrien, Colleen Klinker, Butch Sherrod

Jeez, what do I even say about this team? While it might seem really slow, it's got power, and boy did this team show up with it. 64 runs scored this season, making for the highest in the league. 25 home runs, the highest in the league. It's also the highest in slugging, OPS, and runs created. It's also the best defense in Backyard as well, sporting the second lowest ERA across all 24 teams, the 6th lowest WHIP and the most strikeouts pitched. This team is so good that in the top 10 for RBIs, three of the Orioles' players are up there, and two of them are in the top 3! Whether or not this team loses, Killerbat surely has to be proud of the insane dominance he's shown this season. Easily the best regular season team in BBOL history.

Team Batting: .420 AVG, .456 OBP, .764 SLG, 1.220 OPS, 100.33 RC

Best Batter: Zenon Estrada

Team Pitching: 1.42 WHIP, 1.65 ERA (69 IP, 287 BF, 87 HA, 19 RA, 65 K, 11 BB)




Players: Christina Beattie, Jane Davis, Mr. Clanky [banned from pitching], Wally Evans, Petra Chekov, Carlos Beltran, Arlene Perez, Erin Harris, Michiko Adachi 

Rajahs is a coach who was extremely strong in the earliest days of BBOL. Being a two-time runner up between seasons 0 and 1 (the two seasons where generic players weren't accessible) and missing out on season 2 due to scheduling concerns, coming back into a new meta and a whole new cast was a tall order. The team was drafted by the admins, and while it wouldn't have made the playoffs if the Diamondbacks coach were available, it still did well for itself. It had two players to hit for the cycle (in the same game), and they have the lowest run differential of any playoff team (34-30), making them probably the biggest underdog in this tournament.

Team Batting: .402 AVG, .406 OBP, .598 SLG, 1.005 OPS, 61.75 RC

Best Batter: Petra Chekov

Team Pitching: 1.80 WHIP, 3.05 ERA (59 IP, 253 BF, 98 HA, 30 RA, 23 K, 8 BB)




Players: Susan Gore, Jessica Wassersas, Samuel Middleton, Jeff Bagwell, Perry Marx, Gary Allen, Fabienne Callahan, Vincent Sweet, Jack Joseph

Willigan may not have had the season he had last year, but his offense was still extremely potent. Think of this team as a diet version of the Orioles. It's one of the best teams in the league with a super high K count and amazing slugging. The big difference maker is that they didn't show up to quite the same degree as the Orioles, having much larger run differentials in their wins, but closer games on average, and also obviously lost 4 more games than the Orioles did. Nonetheless, they got out of the regular season only having lost to teams in the playoffs, so that's a pretty darn good performance.

Team Batting: .388 AVG, .404 OBP, .750 SLG, 1.154 OPS, 78.88 RC

Best Batter: Susan Gore

Team Pitching: 1.42 WHIP, 2.24 ERA (59 IP, 240 BF, 74 HA, 22 RA, 59 K, 10 BB)


Players: Raul Mondesi, Marilyn McDonnell, Alex Rodriguez [prev: Mikey Thomas, 1st trade period], Stuart Sullivan, Francesca Whitaker, Robby Bocko, Adam Van Doren, Jerry Mahoney, Diana Hayes

Loba's one of the long-time coaches in the league, and is also the only coach to have played every season (inlcuding 0) to make the playoffs this year. He’s also made the playoffs in all three official seasons of the league. His strategy was pretty simple, going for a fast Cement Gardens team (as is the norm) with lots of good arms and a few big bats. This proved to be insanely effective, as the Marlins ended up with one of the best teams in the league. With the 3rd best batting average overall, 7th most runs scored and a top tier defense in the league, it's pretty obvious to see why this team made the playoffs. It's without a doubt a top contender for the trophy this season, in spite of being 4th seed.


Team Batting: .435 AVG, .439 OBP, .657 SLG, 1.096 OPS, 81.58 RC

Best Average: Raul Mondesi

Team Pitching: 1.48 WHIP, 1.97 ERA (64 IP, 263 BF, 89 HA, 21 RA, 53 K, 6 BB)



Players: Cheryl Reynolds, Kathy Wolf, Sonja Hagen, Joan Mae, Lisa Crocket, Fernando Diaz, Paco Kaufman, Mary Reilly, George Coleman

This team's super well-rounded. BBOL rookie (and rBBL S10 champion) Wizard knew what to pick, it seems, as the Wombats only lost to the two teams that placed higher than them. This roster's got power, it's got speed, and it's got arms. The Wombats ended with the 3rd lowest ERA and the 4th lowest WHIP in the league, and Cheryl Reynolds helped carry the team's offense to the playoffs, being one of the top batters in the season (being 1st in multiple batting categories in FY and top 5 overall). Going 9-2 and only finishing out as the 3rd best team is rough, but that's an unfortunate side effect of there being so many teams with very few wins in your division.


Team Batting: .392 AVG, .409 OBP, .640 SLG, 1.049 OPS, 65.37 RC

Best Batter: Cheryl Reynolds

Team Pitching: 1.27 WHIP, 1.90 ERA (63 IP, 240 BF, 77 HA, 20 RA, 41 K, 3 BB)




Players: Frank Thomas, Larry Walker, Nomar Garciaparra, Tanya Uchida, Franky Holly, Ingrid Dahlman, Ricky Johnson, Gail Weinmann, Marianna Rauf

 The team with maybe the least homers relative to how well it did, the Expos dominated almost every game they played. After losing games 3 and 4 back to back, the coach threatened to quit unless he could change his home field. This proved to be the right move, as they didn't lose a single game after changing it.  Frank Thomas once again continues to be a thorn in the side of every coach as he ended the year with the best pitching stats by far. The Expos were easily the best defense, and it wasn't close. Their last six games only featured 4 runs allowed of their total 12. They also managed to score 51 runs, making them one of the top offenses as well. The Expos hit the most doubles with 36 and the most triples with 11.

This is a roster that broke lots of records. It's basically the championship winning Mariners from last season, but even better. While they didn't secure the #1 seed, it's probably the team Frontyard playoff coaches want to face off against the least. It wouldn’t be a shock at all if they were to make it to the Championship this season.

Team Batting: .450 AVG, .468 OBP, .703 SLG, 1.171 OPS, 98.69 RC

Best Batter: Nomar Garciaparra

Team Pitching: 1.05 WHIP, 1.13 ERA (64 IP, 247 BF, 56 HA, 12 RA, 57 K, 11 BB)



Players: Lindsy Felgate, Emily Lewbel, Stan Olafson, Sally Dobbs [prev: Yvonne Carter, 2nd trade period], Angela Delvecchio, Dominique Lowe [prev: Dante Robinson, 2nd trade period], Raquel Cullen, Tracy Hoban, Cindy Chang

 This is the top team in the Frontyard Division, and for good reason. This team's got everything. The Cards scored at least 2 runs in every game they played, and at least 7 runs in 5 different games. They scored 52 total runs, tying for 3rd. Pretty much everyone on this team was a big-time threat going into the end of the season (except Cindy Chang, of course. That kid can't hit anything). Naturally, this is also a top defense, having the 2nd lowest WHIP in the league (only behind the Expos) and the 6th lowest ERA. They also hit the second most doubles and the third most triples. The trade for Sally and Dominique could prove to be questionable, but with such a stacked offense it's going to be tough to stop it from plowing through this tournament.

A Cards vs Expos division finals would be a match to witness. One thing is certain either way: schwilly has cemented himself as a top coach in BBOL history with two back to back incredible seasons.


Team Batting: .418 AVG, .437 OBP, .739 SLG, 1.176 OPS, 86.49 RC

Best Batter: Lindsy Felgate

Team Pitching: 1.25 WHIP, 1.93 ERA (59 IP, 244 BF, 72 HA, 19 RA, 50 K, 2 BB)