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BBOL Season 3 Junior League Team Recaps


BBOL, 9/5/2023


Players: Marsellus Marx, Juan Gonzalez, Alexis Weis, Libby Futterman, Ronny Dobbs, Amir Khan, Gary Allen, Rachel La Buena [prev: Wendy Parsons, 1st trade period], Donald Vogel [prev: Mickey O’Connor, 1st trade period]

This isn’t a bad roster on paper. It’s got mostly power, but low speed. We’ve seen rosters like this succeed many times in this league. The problem seems to be more of a player skill thing as opposed to anything else. With 6 losses ZiorBox called it quits, and since they were 0-6 the admins decided to retire the team so that it’s fair for everyone else. Scoring wasn’t really the main issue so much as fielding, as they gave up more than 5 runs in every single game they played. In just 6 games the team gave up 55 runs, which is the third most in the entire league, even by the end of the season in half the amount of innings. With a few more defensive prospects this team could have been really solid, but unfortunately defense caused too many problems for the coach to stay interested.


Team Batting: .285 AVG, .285 OBP, .546 SLG, .831 OPS, 20.21 RC

Best Batter: Marsellus Marx

Team Pitching: 3.23 WHIP, 11.00 ERA (30 IP, 173 BF, 97 HA, 55 RA, 23 K)



Players: Jay Green, Angela Delvecchio, Kathy Wolf, Veronica Lee, Star Moonbeam, Kristen Sullivan, Uma Morris, Randi Uno, Liz Kinghorn

The Humongous Fishes (originally drafted by KoreanBBQ before they said they couldn’t play) had a pretty odd season with many coaches involved. The team under nobody’s control in the first week gave up a forfeit win due to absence, but wasn’t too bad of a team. All of the losses on Prob’s side were 1 run games, including two of the top coaches in the league, lillwaws26 and EvanSW (4-5 and 2-3 losses respectively). During game 7 there appeared to be issues with Prob no longer being able to play, meaning he unfortunately had to give up his team to someone else. Enter eezy: a friend of Loba’s who wanted to play, but had very little experience (I’m not even sure if he’d ever played online before this).

eezy played to very mixed results, winning 11-8 to eventual playoff coach yrakaz82, losing 2-19 to another playoff coach in BurgerPlanet, and losing 0-1 to kwundy. Getting a win against a coach who made playoffs is pretty darn good for someone’s first time playing online, so even though the Fishes went effectively 2-8, each coach got a win, and most of the losses were close. Far from the most embarrassing season.

Team Batting: .316 AVG, .323 OBP, .474 SLG, .797 OPS, 29.06 RC

Best Average: Liz Kinghorn

Best Slugging: Jay Green

Team Pitching: 2.50 WHIP, 5.48 ERA (46 IP, 229 BF, 103 HA, 42 RA, 27 K, 12 BB)




Players: Christina Beattie, Sally Dobbs [prev: Achmed Khan, 1st trading period], Alex Rodriguez, Claudia Villarta, Wendy Parsons [prev: Rachel La Buena, 1st trading period], Vincent Sweet [prev: Shane Smith, 1st trading period], Kimmy Eckman, Carlos Beltran, Dmitri Petrovich [prev: Adam Van Doren, 2nd trading period]

Yet another team that was taken over from a coach who drafted, but didn’t play any games. TheTaraStark had a pretty rough season, but they had a good attitude the whole way. A lot of questionable trades and moves (Achmed for Sally proved to not be worth it in the end, at least offensively), and the team only managed two wins that weren’t the free forfeit win against the Mariners. Those two wins, however, were against two teams that made playoffs, including the Pirates who finished 10-1, only having lost to the Angels. At the end of the day, if you’re only gonna get a couple wins, you might as well get one on the best team in your division.

Team Batting: .355 AVG, .355 OBP, .498 SLG, .853 OPS, 45.82 RC

Best Average: Claudia Villarta

Best Slugging: Alex Rodriguez

Team Pitching: 1.97 WHIP, 5.17 ERA (58 IP, 285 BF, 112 HA, 50 RA, 39 K, 2 BB)




Players: Sammy Sosa, Fred Benson, Larry Walker, Sophie Meyer, Parker Collum, Luanne Lui, LIsa Crocket, Horace Young, Ray Tran

This team has a lot of offense. The defense is admittedly a little mixed in quality, as half the team is really strong in that department, while the other half is basically nonexistent (and then there’s Horace who is pretty average). Ultimately this could have been quite the team. Scoring runs was definitely not the hard part for this roster.

Colby2D is the first coach on this list who played in season 2, before a Junior League was ever established. He only got one win there. While this might seem like a significantly better outing than last time (it probably still is, honestly), he missed 4 entire weeks of this season for various reasons. He did eventually return. League Admin Jibbodahibbo played games 3 and 4, while Jadom (mostly known for playing Backyard Football) took over games 5 and 6. Jibbo won both of his games, while Jadom won 1 of them. This means Colby won only 1 game again. That said, it is certainly an improvement from last season, as he had some solid performances, with only the first game he played in the season had him not score any runs at all. Should he come back he’ll likely be even better than last time.

Shockingly, the Hornets had a tied record for 3rd in doubles, and had 3rd place in triples. The team also threw the third most strikeouts. Not all of these stats are Colby’s but the roster itself did pretty well.

Team Batting:
.371 AVG, .375 OBP, .655 SLG, 1.031 OPS, 65.71 RC

Best Average: Larry Walker

Best Slugging: Sammy Sosa

Team Pitching: 1.89 WHIP, 5.11 ERA (61 IP, 282 BF, 113 HA, 52 RA, 58 K, 2 BB)




Players: Susan Gore, Kenny Lofton, Mikey Thomas, Jorge Garcia, Tony Delvecchio, Jason Kendall, Jeromy Burnitz, Robby Bocko, Terry Vega

The Phillies have a lot of arms and a lot of bats. The big problem with this team is that… there’s no pitcher. Yes, there is literally no pitcher on the team because the coach forgot to draft one. Naturally, this defense ended up being one of the worst in the league, giving up the most runs of any team, and having the most errors (tied with the White Sox).

Offensively, however, this team was actually quite good, sporting the 6th best batting average in the league and the 6th highest OPS. The best player on this team was Susan Gore, who had an absolutely absurd last five games with Halo. Across the whole season she hit a grand total of 10 homers, 14 RBIs and 11 runs, giving her the second most homers in the league. In Halo’s last 5 games she hit 6 home runs, 7 RBIs and had 6 runs. Jason Kendall also finished with the 8th highest batting average in the league (the third highest of any non-Expos player).

Oh, man. This team had a really confusing history. The original coach lost all their games, two of which being close losses (8-9 against the A’s in game 1 and 7-8 against the Dbacks in game 5. Both of those teams ended up making playoffs). The coach gave up, giving the team to someone else. BurgerPlanet played game 4 due to scheduling conflicts, and LazyChxsel only played game 6 before they encountered some bizarre problems where they just couldn’t play anymore (admins tried to help but they weren’t really doing a good job of helping us help them), causing HaloTW to play the remaining 5 games of the season. Interestingly, each coach won a game except the original one (Halo won two). It’s possible that this roster could have been pretty good with an actual pitcher.


Team Batting: .424 AVG, .426 OBP, .733 SLG, 1.158 OPS, 89.80 RC

Best Average: Jason Kendall

Best Slugging: Susan Gore

Team Pitching: 2.10 WHIP, 6.89 ERA (61 IP, 295 BF, 124 HA, 70 RA, 41 K, 4 BB)



Players: Jose Canseco, Zena Fromme, Courtney Valentino, Vladimir Guerrero, Wally Evans, Shawn Green, Nicky Winston, Ingrid Dahlman, Derek McCattery

The Wombats were a quiet team this season, but they managed to do some good things here and there. Most notably they beat the at the time undefeated Twins in game 5 (who finished 8-3). One of the team’s wins was a forfeit against the Fishes in week 7 due to nobody being around to play. The team won quite a few nail-biters, as none of suz’s wins were above a 2 run lead. The losses were mostly not very close, though. The team’s offense was solid, with a large underperformance from well-known first rounder Jose Canseco, who struck out 12 times (leading the league) and only batted .290. No, the big carry for this team was Zena Fromme. She hit the third most RBIs of any non-Expos player with a massive 16 and managed 6 home runs on top of it (not even in the top 10, but still impressive). Three other players on the roster batted over .400, but a majority of them batted poorly, which is likely what caused the team to lose so often. That and their defense. A lot of these teams lost due to giving up a million runs, unfortunately.


Team Batting: .405 AVG, .416 OBP, .627 SLG, 1.043 OPS, 65.78 RC

Best Average: Vladimir Guerrero

Best Slugging: Zena Fromme

Team Pitching: 2.34 WHIP, 6.58 ERA (55.66 IP, 269 BF, 129 HA, 61 RA, 36 K, 1 BB)



Players: Pete Wheeler, Jane Davis, Raul Mondesi, Zoe Mallory, Chipper Jones [prev: Marty Cordova, 2nd trade period], Billy Jean Blackwood, Lena Ng, Kenny Kawaguchi [prev: Marky Dubois, 2nd trade period], Vicki Kawaguchi

The Mets went for the classic fast Cement Gardens team. They didn’t have a problem hitting for average, but they had two big weaknesses. One of which is, again, giving up a lot of runs. The second is that they didn’t have a whole lot of run support to make up for it. Mike’s team lacked big in power, and it’s no secret that power hitters are obscenely powerful. It’s possible with just one more notable batter that this roster could have gotten somewhere, but they just couldn’t keep it together when they had to face competition better than them (although they did get a win on the 6-5 Dbacks).

Team Batting: .413 AVG, .417 OBP, .555 SLG, .972 OPS, 65.05 RC

Best Average: Zoe Mallory

Best Slugging: Raul Mondesi

Team Pitching: 2.04 WHIP, 5.25 ERA (61.66 IP, 286 BF, 123 HA, 54 RA, 45 K, 3 BB)




Players: Lindsy Felgate, Amanda Hellerman, Davy Marian, Anna Goudreau, Joan Mae, Earl Abbot, Holly Franklin, Wing Kwan, Whitney Singh

cherry is a coach who started slow and really worked their way up over the season. Giving up a run in every single game isn’t exactly the ideal way to play. While their start wasn’t bad, 3-3 is quite solid as a first half, the 3-2 finish was much more notable, as they finished with all three of those wins in a row. Losing to every team above them in the standings except for one (the Wombats) is an unfortunate way to not make playoffs, but they did manage to beat the Dbacks in their final game in dominant fashion, a 9-1 win (notable because the rest of the team’s wins were via a 2 run lead at most).

Lindsy Felgate and Joan Mae proved to be quite the dynamic duo, as combined they finished with 23 of the team’s 36 RBIs. Lindsy also finished with the second highest OPS in the league, as well as the 5th highest RC. The team was overall below average, but had some really high highs. Capping off the season with 3 wins in a row is a good way to end feeling confident. This coach is likely to be one to look out for next season, so stay tuned for that.

Team Batting: .307 AVG, .309 OBP, .585 SLG, .894 OPS, 51.92 RC

Best Batter: Lindsy Felgate

Team Pitching: 1.77 WHIP, 5.07 ERA (71 IP, 322 BF, 123 HA, 60 RA, 54 K, 3 BB)




Players: Julie Dunkel, Marilyn McDonnell, Maya Woodruff, Alicia Blakely, Ashley Webber, Pamela Kirkos, Sidney Webber, Tracy Hoban [prev: Judy Abwunza, 2nd trade period], Nan Porter

The highest placing rookie that didn’t make playoffs (in the standings specifically), kwundy’s defense was actually quite immaculate. It’s hard not to be with so many excellent defensive prospects like Marilyn McDonnell, Alicia Blakely, Julie Dunkel, and both Webbers. Outside of Judy (who played most of the season for this team), there’s not a single bad arm on the whole team. This showed itself very well, as the team not only finished with the lowest WHIP in the league, even counting playoff teams, but also the third lowest ERA. The issue, unfortunately, was that the team just couldn’t get the run support necessary to actually win. 4 of their 5 wins were by only a single run difference (the last being the Mariners who were so bad defensively that it doesn’t even count), and all of their losses were by a run differential of at most 3 runs. The team did try its best, but ultimately came up short. It’s likely kwundy will try something similar next season with a bit more power for higher success, but we’ll just have to see.

Team Batting: .353 AVG, .365 OBP, .523 SLG, .888 OPS, 53.96 RC

Best Batter: Julie Dunkel

Team Pitching: 1.14 WHIP, 2.22 ERA (65 IP, 251 BF, 74 HA, 24 RA, 55 K)




Players: Frank Thomas, Francis Blewer, Emily Lewbel, Fay Dawson, Barbara Jones, Timmy Unger, Joella Minotti, Dante Robinson, Chucky Flinder

steeleye54 has been playing since season 1 of BBOL. While he’s struggled quite a lot throughout his time, he seems to finally have found a stride in the Junior League. Unfortunately that didn’t get him a playoff spot (he missed out on a single h2h loss to another coach who came from last season), but he did still have a solid season. With a pretty average offense and a pretty average defense, 5-6 feels about right for this team. They did through the most strike-outs, however. Frank Thomas can likely be thanked for that, as he’s consistently one of the best pitchers in the game (if not the best). Francis Blewer also had a fantastic offensive year, being one of the top hitters in the league. Here’s to steeleye for a good season. We’ll see how he does next season, if he decides to return.

Team Batting: .408 AVG, .420 OBP, .609 SLG, 1.029 OPS, 75.18 RC

Best Batter: Francis Blewer

Team Pitching: 1.61 WHIP, 4.22 ERA (64 IP, 275 BF, 102 HA, 45 RA, 62 K)



Players: Ken Griffey Jr., Mark McGwire, Sarah Maxwell, Sonja Hagen, Rafael Hendrix, Ivan Rodriguez, Jason Giambi, Curt Schilling, Jerry Mahoney

The Diamondbacks were a home run hitting team if there ever was one. 33 dingers from this roster, which is the most in the league. Hilariously, they hit no triples and only 9 doubles. The team had a really strong start to their season, finishing 3-1 in their first and second 3rd of the season. Their best game was the first game against the Mariners, where they hit 11 of their 33 home runs. With a 6-2 record, things were looking great for them. Unfortunately mariafan struggled in the last third, losing 3 games in a row to the Pirates and two teams that didn’t even make playoffs, ending the season 1-9. Even though they did only lose 1-2 against the Pirates, they’re likely not going to enjoy their rematch against them.

Jerry Mahoney also put up a small case for MVP as a dual role player, being the team’s main pitcher as well as their best batter (although there were a lot of great batters on the roster).

Team Batting: .362 AVG, .365 OBP, .739 SLG, 1.103 OPS, 77.29 RC

Best Batter: Jerry Mahoney

Team Pitching: 1.74 WHIP, 3.69  ERA (65 IP, 288 BF, 113 HA, 40 RA, 34 K)



Players: Tonya Lesco, Zenon Estrada, Achmed Khan [prev: Sally Dobbs, 1st trading period], Maynard McElroy, Hillary Vargas, Fernando Diaz, Franky Holly, Sheila Basanti, Arlene Perez

One of the best hitting teams in the league, the White Sox crushed their opponents in nearly every game. While their defense wasn’t anything special (it was actually the 2nd worst of all the playoff teams, although that’s most likely because they faced the Expos), they had a positive run differential by the end of the regular season. Their two power hitters were the big names to this story, as Tonya Lesco and Zenon Estrada hit 28 RBIs combined this year (13 and 15 respectively). Getting Achmed for Sally proved to be a great trade for the team as well, as he batted .700 for them in those 7 games (finishing at .677 overall, the 3rd highest in the league and the highest non-Expos player). In general, Madoc had a superb season. The White Sox only lost to teams that made the playoffs: Dbacks (4-8), Pirates (1-3), Yankees (1-2), and Expos (0-12). Everyone else they scored at least 6 runs against, so really the key to stopping the White Sox is to keep them from scoring. That’s not an easy task. It’s up to the Yankees to meet that goal, though.


Team Batting: .460 AVG, .460 OBP, .796 SLG, 1.256 OPS, 105.85 RC

Best Batter: Tonya Lesco

Team Pitching: 2.10 WHIP, 4.70  ERA (60 IP, 285 BF, 125 HA, 47 RA, 34 K, 1 BB)



Players: Henri Deschenes, Cal Ripken Jr., Mo Vaughn, Mr. Clanky, Marky Dubois [prev: Kenny Kawaguchi, 2nd trade period], Bobby Bulgrien, Jim Kiley, George Coleman, Paco Kaufman [prev: Vincent Sweet, 1st trade period]

The Yankees were a monstrous team this season under both coaches. DH34 was a top coach in the league, only losing to the Hornets under Jibbodahibbo’s control and the Pirates in back to back games (only giving up 4 runs in each, though). Due to having to go on vacation in the middle of the season, he gave his team to BurgerPlanet, who had strong performances himself. He went 3-1 in his four games, losing only to the Monsters who made playoffs in the Frontyard Division. He put up the best and worst performances for the team, and he’s going to be taking over for playoffs.

The team finished 1st in triples with 7, 3rd in hits with 128, and were near the top in all other categories. They even scored the second most runs while allowing the 4th least runs. The Yankees were a threat on all sides. With fantastic talent like Henri Deschenes, Mo Vaughn (who hit the only cycle this season) and Bobby Bulgrien, who all hit 9 or more RBIs, the team’s going to be a huge threat in this playoff bracket.


Team Batting: .440 AVG, .449 OBP, .756 SLG, 1.205 OPS, 98.85 RC

Best Average: Mo Vaughn

Best Slugging: Henri Deschenes

Team Pitching: 1.65 WHIP, 3.24  ERA (63 IP, 277 BF, 102 HA, 34 RA, 59 K, 2 BB)


Players: Chico Pappas, Dawn Cozart, Jessica Wassersas, Brenda Markart, Jeff Bagwell, Grace Tipton, Jillian Paine,, Ernie Steele, Fabienne Callahan

This team was the second coming of huntstunt. With a miniscule 9 runs allowed, they held every single team they faced to 2 or less runs. They hit the 6th most runs as well, which isn’t shocking given what the roster looks like. What is shocking is that they were actually on the lower end of batting average, meaning most of their runs came from home runs (17). The Pirates’ only loss was the Angels, who finished 2nd to last in the division, which may be one of the biggest upsets to ever happen. There isn’t a whole lot to say, really. No single player was the carry for this roster. Everyone was at least pretty good, even the players who hit below average. Beating this team is going to be a nightmare for anybody due to how difficult this defense is to crack.


Team Batting: .402 AVG, .411 OBP, .764 SLG, 1.175 OPS, 85.06 RC

Best Batter: Jessica Wassersas

Team Pitching: 1.15 WHIP, 0.90 ERA (60 IP, 230 BF, 68 HA, 9 RA, 56 K, 1 BB)



Players: Pablo Sanchez, Mandy Coolidge, Kay O’Toole, Marty Cordova [prev: Chipper Jones, 2nd trade period], Francesca Whitaker, Adam Van Doren [prev: Dmitri Petrovich, 2nd trade period], Perry Marx, Karen Donato, Trent Sizemore

Seems like yrakaz finally found something. He went winless last season with the worst defense in the league. This season he finished with a middling 5-6, although the stats don’t reflect so poorly (most of the time). Offensively, the Athletics were pretty alright. Pablo and Mandy were two of the team’s best players, as was Dmitri (why he traded him away I have no idea). Defensively they finished with the 5th least runs allowed (tied with the Diamondbacks), so overall yrakaz managed to outperform himself in all facets. Getting a playoff spot at 5-6 due to a single head to head win doesn’t really inspire confidence, especially losing to a guy who likely never played before this season, but hey. Making playoffs is making playoffs.

Team Batting: .410 AVG, .425 OBP, .683 SLG, 1.108 OPS, 77.86 RC

Best Batter: Pablo Sanchez

Team Pitching: 2.27 WHIP, 4.36  ERA (55 IP, 264 BF, 125 HA, 40 RA, 45 K)




Players: Leah Wayne, Maria Luna, Barry Bonds, Samuel Middleton, Mike Piazza, Tanya Uchida, Molly May, Gwen Sears, Jordan Thorner

Holy moly, 5-6 at 4th seed to 8-3 at 3rd seed. What a leap, and what a heart attack team this one is. The Monsters gave up the second most runs on the year, but that’s okay. Their offense was more than enough to make up for it. This team gave up a run in every game they played (they forfeited game 1 and won game 11 via forfeit, so they only played 9) while scoring at least 3 runs themselves. The roster hit 26 dingers and were 2nd in average, slugging and OPS. They’re a top tier offense in the league, and one of the worst defenses. This makes them the ultimate wildcard. How can you beat what you can’t predict? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


Team Batting: .468 AVG, .471 OBP, .909 SLG, 1.380 OPS, 94.12 RC

Best Average: Samuel Middleton

Best Slugging: Molly May

Team Pitching: 2.49 WHIP, 6.66  ERA (48.67 IP, 248 BF, 116 HA, 54 RA, 30 K)




Players: Randy Johnson, Debby Nagasawa, Barry Larkin, Stan Olafson, Petra Chekov, Yvonne Carter, Isabelle Marelli, Ezra Travolta, Tony Gwynn

The Twins were a team that started out real hot. Their only loss in their first 8 games was to the Wombats. Most of their wins were quite close, with some standouts wins against the Monsters (17-7) and the Athletics (8-0), but they had some devastating losses to both the Expos and Yankees (0-16 and 1-8). They finished with the least runs of all the playoff teams (45, tied with the Athletics), and their 43 runs allowed are mostly from their Monsters game, as well as their two major losses. The team gave up only 12 runs outside of those games, so it’s possible leading pitcher Randy Johnson was a big skill check against the other teams. Nonetheless, this has been quite a strong team all year, and very worthy of the 2nd seed in the division. The Monsters will be their opponent in the first round, with a lot of potential for a high scoring series, if their matchup in the regular season still holds any merit.


Team Batting: .429 AVG, .435 OBP, .604 SLG, 1.040 OPS, 70.54 RC

Best Average: Yvonne Carter

Best Slugger: Petra Chekov

Team Pitching: 2.49 WHIP, 6.66  ERA (48.67 IP, 248 BF, 116 HA, 54 RA, 30 K)



Players: Cheryl Reynolds, Kiesha Phillips, Derek Jeter, Nomar Garciaparra, Lance Lambert, Stuart Sullivan, Alex Gonzalez, Ramona Bennett, Jocinda Smith

Goodness gracious. This is such a ludicrously stacked team that it’d be hard for them to lose. Good thing they didn’t! This team not only had the best defense in the division (2nd best defense overall among all 18 teams), but their offense was absolutely phenomenal, scoring 112 runs. The offense was so good that an Expos player is at the top of the leaderboard in every category except for triples and walks. It cannot be understated how much the Expos dominated their opponents either. They had 5 different games where they scored over 10 runs, and only scored less than 5 runs one time the whole season. They had 9 games where they won by at least 5 runs. This is a surefire team to show up in the Humongous League next season. It’s down to lillwaws to win the season, though. Will they be able to keep their stranglehold on the league, or will they crumble before then? Answers are leaning toward the former.


Team Batting: .590 AVG, .594 OBP, .935 SLG, 1.530 OPS, 197.95 RC

Best Batter: Cheryl Reynolds

Team Pitching: 1.24 WHIP, 1.26  ERA (62 IP, 247 BF, 75 HA, 13 RA, 57 K)