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Baseball 2001 Competetive Mode Patch 10-2-23


Patch Notes, 11/27/2023

Baseball 2001 Competetive Mode Patch. 10/2/23

We've made some changes to competitive online Backyard Baseball gameplay! The most recent daily ScummVM builds have these changes. These, and all the other competitive play mods, are only enabled when the "Enable online competitive mods" game option is enabled. We hope that these changes lead to a more fun gameplay experience.

Patch notes
* Changed pitch location impact on hit quality. See here for more info!

* Changed impact of hitter's power stat on hits' power - buffs "base" hit power for lower power hitters and line drives/grounders.graph of batting power adjustments
* Reduced frequency of sprint clicks required to reach and maintain top sprinting speed.
* Runners going half-speed on a pop-up can now be clicked to run sprint/normal speed.
* Fixed bug that allowed runners going to first base to turn around.

Recently we also reverted some of the netcode changes that were made in August. To ensure compatibility with other players, everyone should download a recent daily build from

This new build will be required for players in the upcoming Gauntlet baseball tournament!