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Baseball 2001 Online Patch 10-25-25


Patch Notes, 10/29/2023

I'm currently performing final smoke tests on the long awaited baseball stats updates (NOTE: Margin stats will not be updated yet because well, we have no idea what that means, any info on what that is based on the original servers will be most appreciated).  Football stats are not recorded yet, but I'll look into that when the update rolls out.  Everything seems to be on track for early tomorrow morning (or later in the night for you west coast people) when the next daily build starts building.

I want to give you a heads up though to you online players though.  Once the update releases.  We are going to be forcing you guys to update to the latest daily build (once it and the servers has been updated).  What this means is that once this update drops, only version 2.8.0git builds that are dated October 25th 2023 and later will be able to login and play online, while builds that are dated less than that will be kicked out.

This is done to ensure that everybody can play in the latest netcode changes before the ScummVM team decides to mark version 2.8.0 as stable and begin preparations for release.  We can update the date at anytime, but we will give you an heads up before this happens (like this one!).  Incidentally, player lists will now be separated between builds.  Meaning only people who play in 2.8.0git can see other people who are using the same build, and people who are playing in the eventual 2.8.0 stable version can see each other, and so on and so forth.  This is done to make sure that they are playing the same netcode that build has been compiled in (in case any major changes to it occurs).

And of course, our good friend Mr. Clanky in ‚Ā†server-status will show what version of ScummVM you are playing in, so you can make sure that you and your opponent are playing the same version.