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How to Play Backyard Baseball on the IPhone or other iOS devices


Tutorials, 1/4/2024

Believe it or not you can bring Backyard Baseball, Backyard Baseball 2001 and Backyard Baseball 2003 onto your iPhone!

ScummVM has recently released an IOS app for the iPhone which will allow you to play any games compatible with scummvm on iOS devices. This means you can play backyard baseball and football both offline and online from your iPhone or iPad.


  1. Install ScummVM from the apple app store onto your iOS device.

  2. From your computer Zip up/compress and place your game files into Google Drive or other file sharing device.
  3. From your iOS device open Google Drive and select the three dots next to the zip file you just added and select "Open In"
  4. Select the "Save to Files" option at the bottom
  5. Navigate to the ScummVM/Savegames folder on your Iphone
  6. After the file has downloaded to your iOS device, navigate to your "Files" app and find the ScummVM/Savegames folder.
  7. Hold select your .zip folder and press "Uncompress".
  8. Open up your ScummVM app and your game will now be in there!


You can also adjust game settings for different touch options, I would suggest checking off touchpad mode, Enabling mouse click and drag mode and checking on the keyboard function bar.

For additional help you can try joining the discord group.

You'll not have touch screen capabilities on your favorite games!!