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Season 3 Humongous League Championship: starts Sept. 3rd Sun. @ 9PM Est


BBOL, 9/1/2023

BBOL Playoff Bracket

22 Years ago Killerbat (Orioles) was grinding the Backyard Baseball Jr. Sports Network leaderboards, with a CRT monitor and dial up internet. Although the equipment has changed, Killerbats "Killer Instinct" on the Backyard Baseball Field has remained. Killerbat joined in the 2nd season of the Backyard Baseball Online League and reached finals where he lost to Huntstunt in two games. Killerback is back in the finals for Season 3 and is looking to reclaim the top of the leaderboard.

This is also Schwilly's (Cardinals) 2nd year in the league. Last season he ended with an 8-3 record and lost in the first round of the playoffs. Shchwilly is most well known as the coach who drafts Angela Delvecchio too early. Beloved by many, Angela has been thought of as a liability in the outfield and Schwilly has managed to succeed in spite of this perception of her.  To reach these finals Schwilly defeated Killerbat's brother Willigan in the semifinals.

Is Killerbat looking for revenge or is he relieved to not have to face against his brother in this redemption series?
Find out if Schwilly proves the doubters wrong and if Angela's stock rises for next seasons draft. 

Broadcast will start Sunday September 3rd at 9:00PM EST.
The start of the series can be viewed in the discord channel and at
Vods will be uploaded shortly after to