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The Gauntlet (Season 4)


BBOL, 9/10/2023

In order to decide which coaches will be promoted to the Humongous League and which will be relegated to the Junior League we are proud to announce (via Blimp) "The Gauntlet". This bad boy is a -between season- tournament in which the top Junior League teams (excluding the Jr League WS teams) take on the Humongous League Alumni to see who is worthy of joining the Humongous League for Season 4. The lower tier HL teams get to fight for their spots while being joined in a wrestling match with returning HL Alumni who've reignited their itch to battle. They will be accompanied by our JR League Playoff teams to complete the trifecta of forces! 

This is a double elimination tournament with games starting October 1st. Championship will be completed by Nov 1 prior to the start of BSO Season 4.

Participants included alex7456, arcothunder, jyknight, jibbodahibbo, spenc85, epstein, dlw2711, jakerthesnak , evansw, madoclarkin, marialunafan, yrakaz1982

Tournament coverage starts soon, so tune in and don't miss out on** The Gauntlet**!

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