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Season 4 BBOL Opening Day


BBOL, 11/29/2023

On Sunday 11/26/23 games for the BBOL 3 leagues began season play after two weeks of drafting, trading and offseason paperwork. This season the BBOL will be running on the 10/2/23 competitive play patch which improves line drive hitting and nerfs the top tier power hitters. The strike zone has also become symettrical so that the inside and outside corners are even for hit quality. This is the largest season to date with 56 teams across 3 leagues.

Season games will be featured on the discord and Backyard Sports Centers Twitch and Youtube channels.



The Humongous League is the premier league in the BBOL. To qualify coaches would need to meet one of the qualifications below.


Junior League

The Junior League is the 2nd tier of the BBOL. Coaches who did not qualify for the HL are assigned here. Coaches also recieve priority here for signing up early, or having played previous seasons.


Super-Duper League

This season we have 8 coaches, this league will run a slightly different format to accomodate a smaller league. The drafting pool was also smaller, but these teams are still stacked with super-duper talent.