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ssbMEKK talks competitive smash brothers with Backyard Sports Online


Events, 10/19/2023

World Ranked Super Smash Bros. Melee competitor ssbMekk joined the 2023 charity event helping us raise over $650 for St. Jude's Childrens Hospital. Mekk joined us from the Rise 'N Grind 2023 tournament held on in Waco Texas, just after finishing 5th place losing a thrilling matchup vs top 10 ranked KoDoRiN on the last stock.

Mekk vs Salt in the Semi Finals at Rise n' Grind 2023
ssbMekk (on the left), during his semifinal match vs Salt at Rise n' Grind 2023

ssbMekk's primary experience with the Backyard Sports franchise was watching his older cousins play.

Mekk gave us insight on the differences between in his approach playing at home vs on a tournament stage. 

"When it's a stage with a crowd or in person, it is completely different because theres people walking around, whatever noise. there is an extra pressure because you are not in the comfort of your home. Your traveling to somewhere foreign and you have to really adapt and roll with the punches. and my approach is... that any nervousness any thoughts or any distractions that come in, dismiss them and try to focus on the game. It's simple ... but you have to consciencly choose to do that."

Mekk is known for his "I ain't stopping" mantra and the pushups he incorporates into his smash streams. When asked about if he was the smasher with the best upper body strength...
"I did challenge Alex19, and he's jacked, to a pushup contest. I got 45 pushups and he got 43"

Notably Mekk has switched from Captain Falcon to Ganon as his main character of choice. 

"You see how people react, fans or followers, the community; and a lot of people are like "What the heck is he doing"."

"The whole reason I wanted to play Ganon was to show you can do it with any characters that you desire. This game is so deep, that you can choose any character... and can always outplay the opponent, and there is so much innovation to be seen..."

Mekk also has a musical hobby, and has produced music videos on his channel including "Bad Game" 

Mekk's next tournament will be GatorLan in Florida, where he says he will meet his Ganondorf teacher in real life.
You can follow Mekk on Twitter and Twitch.

2023 Backyard Sports Online Charity Stream, 10/15/2023